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Best Practices In A 21st Century Classroom

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Best Practices for the 21st Century Classroom


HSSD 21st Century Resources


Lesson Example Page


Naomi Harm's Blog


Web 2.0 Literacy Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning.pdf

Web 2.0_NETS_Aligned.pdf



Why do we need to build 21st century skills with our students?


21st Century Learner PPT


21st Century Classroom PPT





21st Century Skills

Common Core Crosswalk Standards

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills Report

Educating the NET Generation (section 2)

Portrait of a Digital Native

21st Century Skills for 21st Century Learners

21st Century Classroom

Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Classroom

Teach Digital-Conversations





ISTE NETS Standards

AASL 21st Century Learner Standards

NETS Implementation Wiki

Catalina Foothills District Standards


Project Based Learning

Understanding by Design

Introduction to Understanding by Design

Authentic Education Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design - Template



District Bloom's Handout.doc

Bloom's Intro PPT.

Bloom's Taxonomy District Handout

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Entire Document on Scribed

Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally

Bloom's Poster

Bloom's Poster Set

Bloom's Planning Sheet

Anderson and Krathwohl's Taxonomy


Teaching with Twitter

25 Ways to teach with twitter

 9 Reasons to twitter in Schools


Teaching with Wordle

5 Reasons to use Wordle in the Classroom

Kathy Schrock's Wordle Blog


Textbook Free

Look, Ma, no textbooks



Code of Best Practices

Copyright Resources


Instructional Tools

Cell Phones

Teaching and Learning with Cellphones



Using iPods in Education


Online Safety

Internet Safety Resources


Blogs & Wikis

Eight Ways to use Wiki's in Education




Social Networking


Personal Connections -  Flat Classroom


Simulations, Virtual Fieldtrips, Classroom Collaborations


Digital Storytelling/Multimedia

Teach Digital - Digital Storytelling

History With A Twist

Digital Storytelling Goes Hollywood

Discovery Education Digital Storytelling Blog (Joe Brennan)

Discovery Education Media Matters Blog (Hall Davidson)

21 Century Connections - Digital Storytelling

David Brear's Digital Story Telling Resources

Wes Fryer's Digital Storytelling Wiki

Digital Storytelling Workshop Page

Jason Ohler - Art, Storytelling, Technology, and Education

Storytelling and Literacy

The Art of Storytelling

Technology and Techniques of Storytelling

Assessing Digital Stories and New Media Narrative Projects

Green Screen Storytelling (Picture in Picture / Chroma Key)

The World of Digital Storytelling (Education Leadership Journal)

Visual Portrait of a Story

Storytelling Rubric

Storymap Template

Bernajean Porter - DigiTales: The Art of Digital Storytelling

eLearning Tutorials

Copyright Savvy

Documentary and DocuDramas

Images Sources

Music and Sound

Learning Labs (Student Digital Products)

Online and Print Resources

ExploITorium (Project Ideas)

Storymaking Files

Overview of Evaluating Projects

Peer Review of Digital Stories

Digital Media Scoring Guides


iCan Festival de Cine - great examples of student-created digital stories. Listed below are some of my favorites:


The Power of One


You Don't Know Beans

Digital Students @ Analog Schools

Caesar Salad

Reliving a War

Children of War 


Using Primary Sources



Library of Congress American Memory

Library of Congress Flickr Photostream

Smithsonian Flickr Photostream

Repositories of Primary Sources

National Archives on Footnote


The Authentic History Center

National Archives - Education

National Archives - Our Story

National Park Service: Treasures of our Nation

Creative Commons Media Search

Discovery Education streaming

Kathy Schrock - Navigating Primary Sources


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